Facebook Group Policies & Guidelines

We want to hear from you!

  • Ask questions you have relating to your business, leadership, health, and wellness as it relates to living a balanced life.
  • Ask for support from and offer help to other women in the group.
  • Post information, images, and personal wins that you think are in line with the mission of the group.
  • Make wonderful connections so we can all learn and grow together!
  • Be respectful, kind, and courteous. We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural but kindness is required.
  • Respect everyone’s privacy. Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group.
  • Reach out to an Admin Dani if you are interested in hosting an event specifically for this group. (daniwhitestone@gmail.com or via Facebook)

…but there’s some stuff we don’t want in the group

Our highest priority is maintaining the group in a way that brings value to all of our members. We also want to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable sharing and connecting.

To that end, here’s what we don’t want in the group:

1. No self-promotion or sales posts.

There will always be opportunities and threads for you to let the group know about your business and promotions. Right now the following opportunities exist:

  • Upon joining in our member listing directory. New listings are added on a monthly basis.
  • Every Friday in our Self-Promotion Thread.

More opportunities will be added in the future!

2. No Multi-Level Marketing Recruitment.

This group cannot be used to recruit for multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing.

3. No misinformation or misleading information.

Mistakes can happen when we’re sharing information—or we might not even realize that the information we have is bad or problematic. Posts that contain bad or misleading information won’t be approved, and posts that fly under our radar may be removed or flagged and corrected.

4. No "subgrouping" or "sub-eventing".

We want everyone to make wonderful connections with each other and we encourage everyone to network and get together.

However, there are some toxic forms of networking that we want to avoid:

  • Subgrouping is the creation of groups within that appear to be official but haven’t been sanctioned by the WSBLN. Please honor the work that has gone into creating this group and keep it whole!
  • Sub-eventing is the planning or creation of events that appear to be official but haven’t actually been sanctioned by the WSBLN. This is scammy behavior and not okay. You can always create your own events and promote them in the appropriate threads and discussions or organize informal meet-ups at public events that others are attending. But unofficial events and informal meet-ups cannot be promoted as coming from WSBLN.

Bottom line: don’t abuse the group or the platform we’re trying to give you!

We’re invested in keeping this group an oasis of positivity – thank you for your help keeping it awesome!
We reserve the right to amend the guidelines as needed.

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